Monday, February 23, 2009

A full week of classes!!!

Amazing! We had all our classes last week. It was most glorious.
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Anywho, classes began last Monday like nothing happened, other than the many smashed windows across campus. On Thursday, a representative from the ministry of education came to the university to address the students. A few of us went to watch. It was amazing. This man stood up there and scolded the students for striking, even though he refused to meet with them the entire time up to the strike. Communication seems to be a big problem here, as simple disagreements would be easily solved if the parties involved started talking. So, the students were understandably annoyed by this incompetent individual, so in the question answer portion, they just mocked him and told him exactly what they thought.
On Saturday we volunteered at the SOS Children's Village again. These children are amazing and hopefully I'll be working there a few days a week. I also dropped off a volunteer application at the Ditshwanelo Human Rights group. ( One of my friends is already volunteering there, so hopefully I shall join.
The strike could possibly begin again this week. However, the university seems to be taking a more harsh stance. Last night students were apparently peacefully marching around and a bunch got arrested. Today some were disrupting classes and more got arrested. This seems to go against many rights of the individual. The students are now mostly angry that their student government, the SRC, has been suspended by the university. The simply want them reinstated. I really hope they don't go on strike again though, as do many students.
Anyways, now that classes have started, so has the work. I just finished a paper on the Phenomenological approach to religion, I am beginning a paper on the role of women in Botswana, and have a presentation on military coups in West Africa. An interesting note: since 1952, there have been 85 successful military coups in 33 different countries in Africa. That is an astonishing number. In Latin America, every country but Mexico has had a coup since WWI. It is a quite interesting topic. I won't bore you with details, but let me know if you want more info.
I am tired so I shall sleep soon, but check out this band called Bishop Allen. I was introduced to their music this week and they are quite good. Here's one of their songs, Abe Lincoln on YouTube:
***Make sure you make it to the end of the song. It's the best part.****
Enjoy the week.


  1. Role of women in Bw?! Details details details!

    "Phenomenological approach to religion" - and this means...?

    What is your opinion on military coups? Do you think they can ever truly be justified? Spew forth your opinions upon the blogosphere!!

  2. Who the heck is anonymous?

    I guess that would ruin it if I found out.

    Glad you are safe. Loving your blog.

    While you are there take a picture of a frog, and then put it on your blog and call it your blog frog. Do the same thing with a log. Put the frog on the log, and the log on your blog. Then get a dog by the frog on the log in the fog near a bog on your blog.


  3. I have reloaded your blog 1116 times.