Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick updates

So on Sunday, all the international students were put in a van and bussed to the conference center where CIEE had orientation the first few days. The International Student office decided that it would be safer for the students to stay off campus until the protests end, just in case we would not be able to leave if they got bad.
The past few days we're been trying to keep amused. On Monday we went to BotswanaCraft, which is a really cool craft store with tons of sweet handmade items. We also visited an artist commune-place where there were wood carvers, painters, and sculptors working in this one area. Yesterday we volunteered at a soup kitchen which provides orphans with lunch everyday. We had to keep them amused before they ate, so I taught them a few camp songs. They were adorable and so poor. The area we were in, called Old Naledi, is about 1 square km, and has 50,000 residents. Most are unemployed and there is high alcohol and drug abuse. We drove around with the soup kitchen director and saw the extent of poverty in the area. It was quite powerful.
Hopefully we will be able to move back onto campus soon and start classes again.
Stay tuned for more updates and photos.
I hope this blog has been mildly amusing. Sorry if it's not.

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  1. !!! Which camp songs?

    And certainly amusing. In fact, damn interesting, my bearded friend.