Sunday, April 5, 2009

April! Pictures of the home stay family and other assorted findings

It's April!!! Woah!

In 3 days I'm leaving for Mozambique!! We're heading to Maputo first, which is the capital of Mozambique.
Maputo is supposed to be awesome, with great sea food and cool museums and stores. We're staying there for a night before heading up north to Tofo. Tofo is a town located right next to the city of Inhambane, one of the oldest cities on the coast of Mozambique. It was visited by Vasco da Gama in the 15th century and he named it The Land of Gentle People. Tofo is located right on the ocean and we will be staying at a lodge right on the beach: (click on the Tofo link)
For three days we should be spending our time snorkeling, sunning, and eating delicious food.
But that's in the future, so lets focus on NOW! (well, then. right now I'm just writing this, not too exciting, other than the fact our water is currently shut off, so I'm kind of thirsty.)

This week I was invited by the head of the Model UN here to help out with a event. I didn't quite know what the event was or what I would be doing, but I decided to say yes.
It turns out that I am helping to write the topics and study guides for an international youth conference being help here at the university in June.
The conference's goal is to have students debate in three different committees: Economic, Education, and Employment; Health and Environment; and Social and Cultural. The goal of the conference is to come up with solutions of how the youth can better get involved in the economy, how the youth feels about the government's health policy towards them, and how youth can be more involved in Botswana's unique culture. We're working with a bunch of government agencies, as well as UNICEF, which wants to review the effectiveness of it's programs.
It should be a lot of work, but it has already been quite fascinating.

On Wednesday last week, a group of us went to a film festival being held by one of the human rights groups in Botswana, Ditshwanelo. That night, the documentary, War Child, was shown. It is an amazing story of a man, Emmanuel Jal, who was a child soldier in Sudan, escaped, and became a rapper who tells his story through music.
Here's the trailer for the documentary:

Other than that, not much else is new.
So, as promised, here's the pictures from the homestay week that I couldn't upload before:
I suppose getting up at 5am wasn't all that bad. Nice sunrises at least.
This is the bus we took. By the time it is filled, there are people jammed in, standing in the isles.
This policeman was wearing some sort of leather uniform. It was 80 degrees out. I just don't know.
Ghost Chicken!!!!
Cattle Post, and the cattle.
This is the Head Boy (not from Harry Potter) who lives at the cattle post. He's tying up the calf, which is about a week old, so it doesn't follow it's mother. They use the calves as ransom so the adults come back at night.
Mmathebe and Nnkuku!!!
Silly goat, trying to walk like humans.


  1. that goat needs to learn his place.

  2. ghost chicken? the only thing cooler would be a peanut butter walrus-cyborg.