Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This post is solely being made because I feel obliged to post every week. In fact, since my last post, nothing really has happened.
I had my 21st birthday, which was neat.
I've been here for exactly 15 weeks.
The mornings and nights are starting to get, cold?, yeah, that's the word.
We visited a pottery place where I bought a new mug. My favorite mug here cracked earlier that morning. (Seriously, I'm writing about a mug cracking....)
Classes end next Thursday, so we're finishing up with all our learning for the semester.
I think I'm going to Victoria Falls this weekend.
On that note, I shall end here, as next week's post should be infinitely more interesting, full of waterfall pictures. It should be glorious.
To make your visit not entirely useless, here's a picture of the sun setting over Gaborone.

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